Digi VET

Improving digital media skills for employees in small businesses


About the project

 Digital Media for VET in SMEs: Online learning of digital media competences for SMEs to empower workplace learning

 Implementation period November 2019- June 2022

 Funder: ERASMUS + Program

 The objective of the project is to improve learning opportunities in the workplace for 3,500 low-skilled employees, by developing the skills of using digital learning tools by 350 trainers and trainers from SMEs.


Opportunities for participants


-participation in the course for the development of media and pedagogical skills of trainers / coaches

-participation in digital skills development sessions for professional training trainers and those from small companies

-training and assistance provided to learning facilitators from small companies for the development of digital media skills for on-the-job training

-assistance for employees with reduced digital media skills for their development and use at work

-free access to the learning materials and to the learning platform that is elaborated through the project



Estimated results

-35 trained trainers

- 70 VET trainers and trainers from small companies trained

- 350 learning facilitators from SMEs supported for the development of on-the-job training programs, using digital media

- 3,500 low-skilled employees trained to use digital media skills in the workplace

- 200 users of the supported online learning platform

Video resources

We invited you to watch here short videos that will help you to create educational videoclips.

 The project takes place in 7 countries, namely Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Romania, Portugal, Slovenia and Turkey

News and more information can be found on the Digi VET site and on the Digi VET Facebook page

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