Digital first aid kit for recovery after the COVID 19 pandemic


About the project

 DigiENTAID - ENTrepreneur's Digital First Aid Kit for recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic

 Implementation period: February 2022 - February 2024

 Funder: Erasmus + Program

 The main objectives are to support small businesses and people who carry out independent activities at risk of failure due to the crisis caused by the COVID pandemic and who have outdated business models, to become resistant to the crisis and to develop digital models of proximity to customers .

 Opportunities for participants:

 - Access to an innovative kit of training tools, based on the Matrix of resilience skills in crisis situations and digital customer retention and on a self-assessment tool

 - Participation in a mixed training program "Resilience in crisis situations, business sustainability and digital training" in order to increase the degree of digital organizational training

 - Support for the professional use of information technology and digital marketing, for raising awareness of good practices for guiding small businesses towards more digital business models and for the large-scale use of these transversal methodologies



 - 70 small business owners and people who carry out independent activities, vulnerable to the crisis, will participate in a mixed training program "Resilience in crisis situations, business sustainability and digital preparation"

 - 290 small business owners and other stakeholders will be supported to use information technology and digital marketing

 - 25 consultants will be trained to use a set of innovative training tools to increase digital education

 The project takes place in 5 countries: Germany, Portugal, Cyprus, Slovenia and Romania

News, materials and additional information can be found here: DIGIENTAID site and DIGIENTAID social media

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