About the project


 Implementation period: October 2022 - September 2024

 Funder: Erasmus + Program

 Project objectives:

 - Elaboration and implementation of a coherent strategy and a roadmap for addressing youth unemployment. Identifying talent needs for specific sectors and providing an appropriate training package for VET schools.

 - Promoting the improvement of the quality and attractiveness of VET, with a specific focus on employment opportunities and employment.

 - The provision of a comprehensive program for the development of competencies in several fields, which will allow young people to explore, train and retrain for employment, respectively for the development of independent activities.

 Opportunities for participants:

- Access to the results of a study on the labor market expectations of the participating countries relative to young NEETs

- Access to self-training modules in order to develop employability and entrepreneurial skills (videos, podcasts, flipbooks) an innovative kit of training tools, based on the Matrix of resilience competencies in crisis situations and digital customer retention and on a tool of SELF

- Information and resources to facilitate the employability of young NEETs


 - A Matrix of employability skills for young people is created in order to build training curricula for them in accordance with the requirements of the labor market

 - 14 teachers and trainers from 6 countries will participate in the Employability Skills Guide training program to learn to facilitate the employability of young NEETs

 - 60 young people who have left the educational system, do not have a job and are not involved in entrepreneurship, will participate in pilot training sessions for the development of employability skills

The project takes place in 6 countries: Germany, Portugal, Greece, Italy and Romania.

See the learning materials on project's site and complete the course on  project's platform. 

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