Romania Start Up Plus

Non-reimbursable grants of up to € 30,000 for newly created businesses.

About the project
FPIMM Brasov runs the project "New Opportunities for Entrepreneurs", through which it provides assistance, consultancy and administers a grant scheme of up to EUR 30,000 per business.

 Funding: Human Capital Operational Programme 2014-2020, Romania Start Up Plus line.

 Implementation period: January 2018 to December 2020.

The overall objective of the project is to increase employment by supporting non-agricultural enterprises in the urban area of the Center Region through:

  • promoting and developing the entrepreneurial culture of the citizens of the Center region
  • developing the entrepreneurial skills of a number of 336 people
  • subsidies for 40 newly established enterprises
  • creating 80 new jobs, over a 36-month calendar period

 Individuals enrolled in the project participated to the following activities:

  1. Certificated Training Program "Entrepreneurial Competences" (40 hours)
    2. Information and social innovation campaign through initiatives to promote equal opportunities and fight against discrimination.
    3. Motivational Seminars "You Can Be An Entrepreneur!".
    4. Assistance in preparation of business plans for participation in business plan competition.
    5. Business plan competition.

 Beneficiaries whose business plans have been selected for funding  additionally benefit from the following services / facilities:

  1. Minimum 40-hours internships in companies doing business within the same CAEN code as the selected business plan
  2. Counseling / consulting services in order to complete the knowledge and skills needed to implement the business plan, start and operate the business
  3. Individual assistance for the elaboration and submission of documentation necessary for the establishment and operation of the enterprise
  4. Subsidizing 5 enterprise (of the total of 40 financed under the project) for the business plan implementation with a subsidy amount of up to EUR 30,000, CONDITION of creating at least 2 jobs and maintaining the functionality of the enterprises created, including the jobs, at least to date 14.01.2022
  5.  Monitoring the activity of the beneficiary enterprises of the subsidy
  6.  Assistance to ensure business sustainability and achievement of business plan results

 The project is implemented at the level of the Center Region, Romania.

The start-ups developed through the project ant which are implementing the busines plan are:

SC Club Souvenir SRL - more information here:Club-Souvenir and videoclip here: 

SC Doctor Carpet SRL - more information here: Doctor Carpet and videoclip here: 

SC Popazu Conta 2019 SRL- more information here: Popazu Conta

SC ROBOBRO SRL - more information here: ROBOBRO and videoclip here: 

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