Upgrading Employees skills

Facilitating employees' access to vocational training programs

 About the project

Upgrading the knowledge, skills and competencies of employees for the development of active life                           

Funding: Human Capital Operational Program 2014 - 2020, Priority Axis Education and competencies

Implementation period: March 2021 - February 2023

The general objective of the project to increase participation and to facilitate the access to motivating programs of continuous professional training for the employed adults from the Centre Region. Special attention will be paid to employees with low qualifications and / or qualifications that are no longer required on the labour market, to those who have occupations from major group 9 according to COR, who are over 40 years old and / or have their domicile in a rural area.

Eligibility conditions for beneficiaries:

  • To be residence in the Central Region

  • To be employees, PFA or individual enterprise

  • To have turned 25 on the date of entry into operation

  • To be under 65 years of age on the date of entry into operation

The people registered in the project will benefit from:

 1. Personalized counselling and professional guidance services that will include 5 main types of intervention:

  • career information - occupations required on the labour market, necessary skills and knowledge, programs and learning opportunities available;

  • career education - current labour market conditions, knowledge, qualifications and skills needed to get a job

  • career counselling - clarifying professional aspirations and priorities, establishing the necessary knowledge and skills, career management tools, developing the skills needed to look for and get a job

  • counselling for choosing a professional training program - offering courses that meet the identified needs

  • mediation - vacancies, employment provider, facilities and requirements of employers, assistance in submitting applications.

2. Vocational training programs:

  • Authorized qualification courses according to GEO no. 129 / 31.08.2000: «CNC Operator» (720 hours), «Welder» (720 hours), «Maintenance and repair electrician» (720 hours), «Chef» (720 hours), «Trade worker» (360 hours)

  • Authorized specialization courses according to GEO no. 129 / 31.08.2000: «Forklift driver» (100 hours), «Human resources management» (80 hours), «Project management» (30 hours), «Entrepreneurial skills» (80 hours)

  • Authorized initiation courses according to GEO no. 129 / 31.08.2000: «Accountant» (40 hours)

  • Informal courses: - «Digital skills» (20 hours), «Customer care» (20 hours), «Leadership» (16 hours), «CNC programmer» (40 hours), «Teamwork» (20 hours) hours), “Time Management” (16 hours), “Communication and Good Manners in Communication” (20 hours), “Decision Making” (20 hours)

3. Information, training and support measures for planning and carrying out CVT on your own

 4. Individualized educational support to facilitate the consolidation of key competencies through self-directed learning for low-skilled, rural employees over the age of 40

 5. Counselling and information services for combating discrimination and promoting equal opportunities and gender in order to increase access to CVT for employees with a low level of education, from rural areas, women and those over 40 years of age

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